Отзыв о товаре Vangull женская кожаная куртка для зимы 2021 Новинка плюс бархат Теплый тонкий большой меховой воротник длинное кожаное пальто женская верхняя одежда M-4XL

Shanghai GUIYUN Co., Ltd.
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Fairly nice faux leather coat. Correspond to the description/picture. The seller's measurement chart is correct. This coat has a similar look to real leather, does not look too cheap. Unfortunately, the faux fur collar does not look as nice as in the picture, it is way too small (see picture 3). It does not have enough loops to be nicely attached to the coat – only has 3 loops. The inner lining is shedding like there is no tomorrow, so wearing dark clothing with this coat is not recommended. In my opinion, it is too expensive for what it is, 18 GBP including VAT would be sufficient enough instead of 29 GBP I have paid. I would not return the coat as it is not too bad, but I would not pay this much money for it if I knew all of this upfront. Three weeks delivery to UK (combined delivery), well packaged. I did not communicate with a seller as there was no need for it. I hope this review would be helpful to future buyers.