Отзыв о товаре HEDELI Новый XHP90.3 светодиодный налобный фонарь XHP90.2 высокое Мощность светодиодный фар Usb 18650 Перезаряжаемые Головной фонарь XHP50.2 зум Головной фонарь

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This seller sent me defective products twice. Previously, I decided to change the order, but it does not come. Only newly ordered products came. I have inquired several times on the matter, but have not yet received it.

This seller only sends defective products. The light did not come on in the first order. They asked me to be very satisfied and promised to make an exchange. But it was their lie. It has yet to come. I placed a new order again. However, this time, the charging jack was broken.