Отзыв о товаре HEDELI Новый XHP90.3 светодиодный налобный фонарь XHP90.2 высокое Мощность светодиодный фар Usb 18650 Перезаряжаемые Головной фонарь XHP50.2 зум Головной фонарь

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The headlamp with the XHP90.3 diode was a very good choice, I am pleasantly surprised by the good quality of workmanship. The lighting quality exceeded my expectations, the best lamp I had. A huge advantage is the bright and long range of illumination, checked at 70m, it is enough for me, you can change the width of the light by changing the focal length, just remember not to twist the tube but pull it out because you can twist and tear the wires between the diode and the base. I feel it will serve me for a long time. I bought 3 pcs, one for the car, the other for home and 3 for running in the woods and for survival excursions.

In addition, I am sending a few photos of the purchased XHP90.3 head lamp