Отзыв о товаре Цепочка AGLOVER из стерлингового серебра 925 пробы 5 мм 18/20/24 дюйма с круглой коробкой, ожерелье для женщин и мужчин, модное свадебное Ювелирное Украшение для помолвки

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I ordered from you for use in Thailand, but I didn't receive it. When following from you You keep waiting and notify you that there may be a delay during the transportation. Also, I keep track of the product many times. And you inform that it has been sent to Thailand Does that mean it's my fault? That did not receive the product from you I think you have no customer service responsibility. You should send me the new product. Or refund to the credit card system as I paid. For other customers to purchase from this store I ask you to consider ordering from this store from my case. So that you don't have to waste money without receiving the product.