Peekaboo узкие солнцезащитные очки мужчины без оправы Лето 2018 красный цвет синий, черный; Большие размеры 34–43 прямоугольные солнцезащитные очки для женщин маленькое лицо Горячая распродажа!

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Peekaboo narrow sunglasses men rimless summer 2018 red blue black rectangular sun glasses for women small face hot selling

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29-08-2018 03:39

the overview of the glasses were right, but here are some thoughts. The hinge is very weak, so you can't lay them down. The bridge is quite bent, but it's not a problem. The metal of gl...

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09-06-2018 16:52

Love these glasses , very lightweight . Will always purchase my glasses from peekaboo . Delivered in over a week

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10-07-2018 01:35

shipping wasn't the quickest, had to thighten a screw on one side of the glasses. glasses looking fine though.

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16-09-2018 20:16

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04-07-2018 00:27


They are too fragile broken after a week