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Дата: 06-08-2018 15:49

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I bought this product from this seller because where I usually buy on wings the seller had sold out the product. I decided to buy from him for the advantageous price, I must say that the seller is kind, excellent customer support, friendly and prepared. is free, the seller shipped immediately, the delivery was equally fast, only 19 days for Italy, good waiting time, the necklace has some flaws, like some bulges, some metal parts in "relief", there are some scratches in both pendants, I expected that at least 1 had no damage, but the manufacture is not very good compared to what I usually buy that has no scratches or imperfections, while these unfortunately are not as I expected, for the price goes well , but do not expect much, I took 6 necklaces like this but different colors, but all have these flaws, too bad.

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I'm not very satisfied with the quality, but the seller is serious and professional, excellent customer support, and fast shipping, too bad for the manufacture not exactly perfect

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