iSHINE Summer Women Four Colors Sexy Skinny Style Solid

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07-08-2017 17:02

It looks exactly like the picture but it was to small for me and gaps in the back. (By gap I mean it isn't as fitted) I am able to wear the item out but my stomach must be completely fat. I...

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24-07-2017 06:48

Wtf is this! The suit is totaly not shaping your body. Weak material, thought it wil feel like a legging or something but totaly not! I'm 157 centimeters and it's still too short with m...

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02-08-2017 05:55

it was verry good thank you

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05-07-2017 19:47

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07-08-2017 23:14

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05-07-2017 20:51