Отзыв о товаре HEE GRAND/резиновая обувь с перфорацией типа «броги», женские оксфорды на платформе, обувь на толстой мягкой подошве в британском стиле с вырезами, повседневная женская обувь на плоской подошве, 5 цветов, XWD6990

HEEGRAND Fancyheels Store
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Awful quality. They aren’t the ones in the photo. They look like cardboard, impossible to wear. I opened a dispute but aliexpress don’t refund me money. So I don’t want anything else from this website. This is not the first time something like this happen to me. Awful service and awful product. Don’t buy from this seller or you will lost your money. I can understand why Aliexpress let this seller sell on their site

Awful! I lost my money. The shoes arrive 1 month and 2 weeks after my purchase. I open a dispute with aliexpress for this reson because still waiitnf and the time to confirm was runing out. The day after I opened my dispute the shoes arrive to me. I tried to change the dispute for bad quality but aliexpress close the dispute because the package arrive. Now I lost me money, time and the seller don’t want to refund my money. This shoes sre carboard, imposible to wear. And the colour are not the one in the ad photos. Awful shoes, awful service. Please don’t buy nothing from this seller and if you can’t nothing from aliexpress. They sre not very helpfull when thinks like this happen.