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Good fabric, very good print quality, even I think it could be better, if I chose a better resolution but sadly I cannot find better resolutions. Designs that I've sent are 750x1000 originally, it was small so I used an online tool to make them bigger without quality loss. (or a little) I asked if it was possible to print front+back+sleeve and the seller(s) was ok, many thanks to him (I was greedy ^^'). I think you could ask to print designs anywhere. (like, for example, on the bottom corner of the t-shirt) It fits perfectly. (height around 175cm and weight around 84kg)I put 5 stars but the shipping was very long (1 month) because the seller had some business to do with his store, I don't know if everything is fine right now..Good communication with the seller, he was very helpful even if the last replies were delayed by one week due to his business. He lets you cancel your order if you're not satisfied.Many thanks, I'll order again, let's see how long the print will last...

Ordered 2 (black) t-shirt. Good price, paid them 16€82 (8€41 x2) with Aliexpress and seller's coupons. You cannot find nowhere a better seller with a decent price, great quality/price.ATATATATATATATA WATAAA HOKUTO HYAKURETSU KEN Roses are red Violets are blue OMAE WA MŌ SHINDEIRU LET'S GO TRAINING.