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Дата: 26-09-2018 22:28
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Not a good reel at all. Very disappointing. First of all, the handle is too flexible for my liking. The antireverse is not instant. There is backwards play in the handle and play in the line meaning of you pull on the line, it flexes forward about an inch before the drag lets out line. This play is due to a poor anti reverse system. It just feels clunky and I don't feel I'd get as solid of a hook set with this reel as I would in a reel with instant anti reverse. When I checked the lubrication inside, I noticed a very poorly cut pinion gear. Pathetic actually. It was very rough. The Pinion gear shaft rides on a plastic yoke. The Yoke should have a metal bushing on it. Basically, there is a metal part rubbing on a plastic part. All the top manufacturers use a metal bushing as that is the best design if you want it to last. Even the bottom of the line Abu Blackmax reel has a plastic and metal yoke. I sent it back and will buy a different brand.

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The poorly machined pinion gear. It was very rough. Pathetic machining. The reel handle nut wasn't much better. It was very difficult to thread back on.

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