Марвел Капитан косплей костюм Carol Danvers 2019 костюмы супергероя для Хэллоуина Ms. Marvel комбинезон косплей Carol костюм кары Дэнверс

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Captain Marvel Cosplay Costume Carol Danvers 2019 Superhero Halloween Costumes Ms. Marvel Jumpsuit Cosplay Carol Danvers Costume

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Отзывов: 16

Специальное использование: Костюмы
Источник: Кино и ТВ
Пол: Женщина
Бренд: FairytaleLand
Тип товара: Наборы
Герой: None
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Оценка (5)
24-04-2019 13:58

Amazing!! Good quality, well constructed. Some people said they’ve had trouble with the zippers breaking but I’ve put it on a few times with no zippers breaking. However, I do have...

Оценка (5)
25-03-2019 08:42

퀄리티 정말 높고 까다로운 주문에도 잘 응대해주셨습니다. 다만 재질 특성상 신축성이 없어서 정사이즈나 한사이즈 작은 것으로 주문하면 움직임에 제약을 받으니 핏을 원한다면 정사이즈로 구매하고 원활한 활동성을 원한다면 한사이즈 큰걸로 구매하세요. 이런 피드백이 없어서 참고 못한 점 매우 아쉽네요. 안감도 있고 재질이 레쟈라 매우매우 덥고 통풍이...

퀄리티 정말 높고 까다로운 주문에도 잘 응대해주셨습니다. 다만 재질 특성상 신축성이 없어서 정사이즈나 한사이즈 작은 것으로 주문하면 움직임에 제약을 받으니 핏을 원한다면 정사이즈로 구매하고 원활한 활동성...

Оценка (5)
10-04-2019 05:40

Great suit! Very comfortable and looks great on

Оценка (5)
28-03-2019 04:15

bellissimo... ottimo materiale

Оценка (5)
15-06-2019 10:48

Оценка (5)
02-05-2019 14:01

Espectacular el traje, espero que dure, buena calidad, envío rápido, el vendedor contesto a todas mis preguntas y dudas

Оценка (5)
05-07-2019 11:08

By far the best cosplay I’ve ever owned. Sizing is 100% spot on. Like another review, it’s almost too perfect. Give yourself an inch or two. The arm bands are a little too small but...

Оценка (5)
31-05-2019 01:50

Amazing!! Arrived so fast! The shoes are comfortable as well! Thank you! The butt area is a bit big but it’s totally fine ! Looks amazing

Оценка (5)
26-06-2019 04:54

I'm very happy with the purchase. The costume exceeded my expectations. It have a really good quality. The communication with the seller was good and the product arrived in 16 days after pa...

Оценка (4)
24-04-2019 01:48

The costume came fast, the quality is very good. The only thing I have to complain about is that the costume does not quite fit. At the front too much fabric has been sewn which I have to corre...

Оценка (4)
03-05-2019 20:05

I ordered this April 7th with custom sizing. They shipped it out the 29th and it arrived May 1st. It fits REALLY well! Nothing was too big, everything was PERFECT (but like almost too perfe...

Оценка (5)
24-04-2019 17:10

Оценка (4)
11-04-2019 01:58

Très bon produit mais j’ai du faire quelques réajustement couture. Attention taille grand.

Оценка (5)
10-04-2019 09:57

Оценка (5)
09-09-2019 08:04

Bello, ho scelto il modello in taglia personale...visto perfetto ma il pantalone è un po’ largo che mi fa difetto sul davanti, per il resto è bellissimo

Оценка (5)
30-08-2019 16:54

ci tengo a dire che il venditore é stato molto gentile con me, non ho mai comprato costumi online ma sono rimasta molto soddisfatta del suo lavoro! la manifattura é OTTIMA! Essend...