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I am satisfied with the shirt. It was as expected and reached me within 21 days of my order booking. But there were stains on it at 3 different places. These stains may get removed after 2-3 washes or some real effort with dry-cleaning. I got really dissapointed with this. Beacause after after waiting for 21 days i received a 5xl shirt which fitted me perfectly as ordered but i need to wash it beforr wering it as there are stains on it. If not for the stains, the shirt is exact as expected and nice. I am not intrested in going into dispute as i loked the shirt, i will try to rrmove the stains my self and will use it.

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Its a good shirt nice style and good cloth. i ordered 5xl for 178cm and 95kg, fitted me perfectly. But there stains on the shirt at 3 different places and they dont look that easy to remove. I need to wash many times before using it to remove stains or give for dry cleaning. Really got dissapointed because of these stains as i waited for 21 days for the order to get delivered, which was fast delivery but stainssss. Still all the other things were good, that is the reason i didnt open a dispute, better seller should take this stains into consideration and maintain better quality.

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