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Рейтинг: 4.78 Последняя цена: 293 руб. Отзывов: 27 Последний отзыв: 05.08.19

Оценка: 4 Рейтинг отзыва: 2 Дата: 08.04.19

box was hard to open but lashes was pretty so I guess the 2 week long wait was worth it

so where to start so the wait time wasnt horrible but there is a wait time I waited 2 1/2 weeks but I like the lashes the band is thin but I got about 10 wears out of them which is not bad for the price this product made me want to start selling lashes so I am starting off with these but probably will move on once I re brand. The boxes where so so so cheap feeling some where scratched and dent up but the lashes are ok but I planned on selling these so I had to take the time out to find boxes for them which was hella frustrating but all in all good lashes I took a couple of stands of hair from the lash and put it to flame and it turned to ash and no human hair smell so it's real mink ps I am on my second ordered waiting for them now and I am in love with 88 beside it being my birth year but I got complemented ALOT !!!!! had to fall in love with 84 and I did others was giving away but the person said they where in love !!!