OLGITUM высокого качества хлопковая куртка с длинным рукавом мода весна толстовки осень женская обувь на застежке-молнии Casaco Feminino пальто SS012

Aнглийское название

OLGITUM HIGH QUALITY Cotton Jacket Long Sleeve Fashion Spring Hoodies Autumn Women Zipper Casaco Feminino Coats SS012

Оценка (3)
10-09-2018 23:30

не то что я ожидала,качество на троечку,посылка пришла за 26 дней

Оценка (5)
04-06-2018 14:36

ITS HERE THR JACKET FITS PERFECTLY!!!! Its cold here today in canada so its perfect for tomorrow the jacket arriced faster than i thought

its so warm n comfy n soft i mite have to buy one for my twin sister

Оценка (3)
19-05-2018 08:52

The model is accurate, fabric is good, and the size is great enough for me, but the color sent was wrong. But it's okay since I have no stock of red jacket as my outfit. I'll buy this a...

So sorry for the seller. It should be 4 stars now (and I can't change the star now). The owner has kindly re...

Оценка (5)
11-05-2018 12:07

Хорошая кофта, не знаю как будет в деле, ну на первый взгляд всё отлично

Оценка (4)
18-05-2018 10:17

is not a jacket is an Hanorac/parka. it lucks ok not bad

Оценка (5)
15-06-2018 16:21