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*Warning* Dear all my aliexpress buyer friend. Be very careful with this the most arrogant seller I’ve ever seen on aliexpress. (I am Platinum member at aliexpress.) I purchased this scarf with 8 other different styles. Take a moment checking my photos. I was pointing out poor quality item I received. I explained about my disappointment without any argument. Guess what. Seller decided to fight with me told me not to argue which I didn’t argue at all. Seller wanted me to pay *extra shipping fee* for resending me another item for her/his fault. Anyone can understand this situation?! I just got bad quality item but seller ask me to pay more money to cover their fault. I was like WTF. Oh by the way it took 44days to Korea. Normaly I receive items about 7 to 14 days from China in my aliexpress experience. P.S. Yes our communication is over as you wanted. I will take an action for this upset experience with aliexpress customer service center. Thanks. Bye.

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