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Ring came curved, oval, the photo shows, but not critical, the main finger sits properly. No scratches and chips. Only inside the rim has a lack of fusion in the form of dots and unevenness. In support of spread measurements in a circle, they are different, and this is obvious, look at the photos. And the inner diameter of friends, for size 13 - 22 millimeters.Measured shtangeltsirkulem attorney.Gold seems to have looked not cheap friends, but in comparison with a gold ring 585 in the color difference is noticeable. The seller, based on the analysis of an overall assessment of parameters put 4. Перстень пришел изогнутый, овальный, на фото видно, но не критично, главное на пальце сидит нормально. Царапин и сколов нет. Единственное, внутри на ободе имеется непровар в виде точек и неровности. В подтверждение выкладываю замеры по окружности, они разные и это очевидно, смотрите фото. А так внутренний диаметр, друзья, для 13 размера - 22 миллиметра. Измерял поверенным штангельциркулем. На
well, friends, the ring with long wear, especially in hot weather, very much staining finger, oxidized. Well, what you want is metal, and it will oxidize. Quality ring on a different level I tell you. Compared with conventional jewelry this ring is of proper quality. Usual jewelry you the next day will peel off, and this ring with a neat sock can be worn for a long time without loss of presentation. Gold can not be distinguished. So, friends, do not worry, even if it will peel off after a while, for this very little money order a new one and enjoy.

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